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There are all kinds of new resume formats to choose from these days. How do
you know what to use when? Here's a guide and samples of each to help you
make your decision. Choose one or's your choice.

On, we allow only one type of resume in our databases, but you
may want to keep a file of various resume formats for various audiences.

Keyword Resume
Recruiters search for candidates in our database (and most others) using
keywords. Keywords are words or phrases that describe your skills and
experience, or even professional jargon. Use the keyword resume to bring
recruiters to you on the job boards.

Text Resume
ASCII Text format is recommended for nearly all job boards. it's an easy format
that will translate virtually universally.

Scannable Resume
A stainable resume is similar to the traditional resume, minus the formatting.
Some recruiters prefer to scan a resume into their database to maintain
electronic files. it's a good idea to have a scan-able resume on hand, just in

Traditional Resume Formats
Many recruiters prefer the traditional resume formats, such as the chronological
resume. It clearly gives your work experience in a familiar layout. You may want
to have the old stand-by on hand for such occasions.

Our recruiters prefer one resume in the database because the
objective is to find the job that's right for you, not to force-fit you into a job. We're
not here to give you something that won't work for you. We're here to help you
find the right fit based on your best skills and your own personal preferences.

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